All reasonable means will be taken to make your stay here a safe and pleasant one. The following rules and regulations have been made by the park to insure fairness to all Tenants. They are designed to protect the rights and property of all parties.

1.   Tenants must register at the office upon arrival.

2.   ALL  are owner occupied- subleasing of RV, Park Model or any part of site is not allowed.

3.  All RV's over 10 years old require approval from Management. You must keep your unit and any property ( shed, deck, etc) in good repair.  If your property becomes unsightly or in disrepair, management may ask that you repair or remove it. Only minor repairs are permitted in the park, all major repairs must be done off site.

4.   For use of a space and of the common area facilities of Resort, Tenants shall pay in advance, base rent equal to the posted rates of the Resort. Base rents are subject to change at the discretion of the Resort. All leases for terms longer than a month are month-to-month unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Resort.

5.   Base rental rates are for one (1) unit only and up to two adults. Guests are welcome but are limited to 2 guests per visit. Guests may stay overnight up to fourteen (14) days per calendar year. Management must be notified by the Tenant that Guests will be staying in the Resort. Guests will be allowed use of all park facilities when accompanied by the Tenant. Tenant will be responsible for the conduct and supervision of their guests at all times and for compliance by their guests with all rules and regulations.

6.   Thirty dollars ($30) will be charged if any portion of the monthly rent is not paid within six (6) days of the due date, plus a charge of five dollars ($5) for each day in excess of six (6) days. No rent refunds will be made for partial month occupancy or early departures.

7.   Common area facilities including our pool and pickle ball court, are available for use by Tenants and their permitted guests. Tenants must observe all rules for  use of all common area facilities.

8.   Standard lawn furniture, bicycles, barbecue grills and storage sheds are the only items permitted to be stored outside the RV. Tenants shall maintain their space in a clean and orderly fashion. Plants may not be removed without management approval. Additional planting must be approved in advance to prevent disturbing underground utility lines.

9.   No additions of any kind may be erected without prior approval from the management. Sheds are limited to one (1) 10' x 12' (or approval for bigger) and must be wood. If you erect a shed you are responsible for all upkeep, which includes but is not limited to, straps to protect it from the wind, and sealing around the foundation to prevent pests. You are responsible for pest removal if needed.

10.   Trash and garbage must be in sealed plastic bags and disposed of in the dumpsters at the south end of the park. Tenants shall not engage in any practices that would place Skyline in breach or violation of its contract with its waste removal provider or which would cause Skyline to be in violation of any law. DO NOT DISPOSE OF HAZARDOUS WASTE WHICH INCLUDES CARE BATTERIES, TIRES, FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS, ETC.  Do Not  put large furniture, appliances or mattresses in the dumpster. All boxes and cartons must be flattened before being placed in the recycle dumpster. For health and safety reasons, all persons are prohibited from sorting through or climbing into dumpsters. Place all items inside the dumpster; do not leave items outside of the container.

11.  All pets must be approved by the Manager in advance and proof of being current on all vaccinations may be required. All pets must be supervised and either in a fenced area or on a leash if outside of your RV. Pets are Not to be left unattended outside. You must clean up after your pet (cats or dogs) immediately; multiple violations may result in eviction. The owner of any pet that is aggressive or disturbing the peace and quiet of other guests by barking excessively will be asked to immediately remove that pet from the park. You must have control of your pet and not allow them to wander onto other lots- whether occupied or vacant. Pets are not allowed in the common areas, including the pool, laundry, community rooms, shuffleboard area, etc. Service animals must be registered with the Manager. 

12.  Tenants and guests shall park vehicles only in designated areas.  Vehicles are not permitted to be parked on the streets or on sites not rented by you.  Second RV's and similar bulky items are not allowed to be parked on site without permission from management.  All vehicles in the storage area must be registered at the officepriorto being parked.

13.  Park services such as electricity, sewer and water are run to the space by the park or the utility.  From the space to and throughout the home is Tenant's responsibility.  All permanent utility connections to park utilities must be done by licensed craftsmen, after being approved by management.

14.  Vehicle speed limits are posted for safe traffic movement and must be observed.

15.  Quiet hours are from 10pm to 7am during which time Tenants and guests must ensure that all sources of sounding including, but not limited to, voices, audio-visual equipment, musical instruments, etc, shall not travel beyond Tenant's individual home site.  Loud parties, disturbing noises of any nature, or other conduct unreasonably annoying to other Tenants in the Resort are not permitted at any time.

16.  This Resort or its address must be used for the purpose of advertisements or sale of merchandise.  No private business may be conducted in the park by anyone.  Carport sales are permitted only to dispose of personal property of resident and only with the approval of management.  Signs, banners, advertisements, etc are not allowed.  "For Sale" exception-one 12" x 18" For Sale sign of professional quality may be displayed in the front window of a home or dwelling.  You have one (1) Neighborhood Watch sign and/or (1) security sign not exceeding 8 1/2" x 11" When selling you RV on-site, please notify management, as they must approve any new purchaser if the RV is to remain in the park following sale.  The buyer will not be allowed to reside in the park until he/she has been approved for tenancy by management.

17.  The office will be open as posted on the door.

18.  The standard small satellite dishes are allowed.  All other antennas, solar panels, etc. must be approved y management.

19.  Firearms are prohibited in the common areas and may not be publicly displayed or discharged in the community.  Fireworks are also prohibited.

20.  To ensure prompt attention to all inquiries, complaints or items of concern and all such matters must be in writing, submitted to the office during business hours (except in the event of an emergency), contain the Tenant's name, home site number, and telephone number at which they can be reached, and must be signed.

21.  Mailboxes are provided as a courtesy and are the property of the Resort.  You may receive a key at the office; there will be $5 charge for duplicate keys. After two (2) keys have been lost -there will be a $25 charge to replace the lock.

22.  If you store property on site and are not returning, for any reason, it is your responsibility to have your property removed promptly.

23.  The management and owners will make every reasonable effort to provide a clean and safe environment; however, we disclaim any responsibility for any losses resulting from fire, theft, accident or natural disasters.  No violation of any law or ordinance of the city, county or state will be tolerated.  No activities shall be permitted which would place the management or owner of these premises in violation of the law.

24.  If an emergency develops, or if you suspect an emergency situation, immediately call 911 first, then contact Management at 480-987-5476.

For any additional information not covered herein, inquire at the Management office.

Rules and Regulations for Skyline RV Resort!